Auto Monthly Withdrawal

Pay Automatically From Your Bank Account

Tired of writing checks? Sign up for Southwestern Electric Power Company's automatic bill-payment option through our partner, Direct Payment, and your bill will be paid from your bank account each month -- automatically.

  • No monthly withdrawal fee.
  • There are no enrollment fees.
  • No more checks to write or late charges to incur.
  • Your Southwestern Electric Power Company payment will appear on your bank statement, just as it would if you had written a check.
  • Continue receiving paper bills in the mail, or view your bill online.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks to take effect.

Note: If you are already signed up for auto withdrawal through our paperless billing program, do NOT also sign up for auto withdrawal here, as it will cause duplicate payments to be drafted.

Enroll in Auto Withdrawal

Update Bank Account Information

If you are currently enrolled in automatic payments through SWEPCO's Checkless Payment Plan, you can update your current bank account information by submitting a new request for your account through the Direct Payment website. Your new bank account information will replace the existing information.

Update Bank Account Information

Update Bank Acct. Info

Please Note:

When the program takes effect, a message will appear on your bill telling you not to pay, as well as the day of the automatic withdrawal. You must continue to pay your electric bill as before until that message appears.

Please contact your financial institution to confirm if an "ACH Authorization Form" is required when the name on the electric bill differs from the owner of the bank account.

The withdrawal date is the payment due date shown on your bill. If you ever need to change the withdrawal date shown on your bill or the bank account number from which your payment is being withdrawn, please contact us at least four business days prior to the scheduled deduction for assistance with these changes.

Direct Payment forwards your information to Southwestern Electric Power Company, where it is securely retained.