Welsh Power Plant Environmental Retrofit Project

To comply with stringent new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, SWEPCO has invested $411 million to install additional environmental controls at Units 1 and 3 of the coal-fueled Welsh Power Plant at Pittsburg, Texas. The generating capacity of each unit is 528 megawatts (MW). Unit 2 (also 528 MW) was retired in April 2016.

The project allows the plant to continue to provide reliable 24/7 base load electric power to SWEPCO customers in three states beyond the April 2015 EPA deadline (extended to April 2016 for the project under construction).

The retrofit project is driven by the EPA’s new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule.

  • Welsh Units 1 and 3 – Additional New environmental controls
  • Investment - $411 million
  • Technology - Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) to reduce mercury emissions and Pulse Jet Fabric Filter (commonly called baghouse) to capture carbon and mercury. Project includes a new 531-foot-tall stack.
  • Facilities placed in service March 2016 (Unit 3) and April 2016 (Unit 1)

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Location: Pittsburg, Texas (Titus County)
Capacity: 1,056 megawatts (MW) – Units 1 and 3 at 528 MW each (Unit 2 retired April 2016)
Owner/Operator: SWEPCO
Fuel: Low-sulfur coal from Powder River Basin, Wyoming, shipped by rail
In-service dates: Unit 1 (1977), Unit 2 (1980), Unit 3 (1982)
Employees: 133
Annual payroll: $9 million
Annual property taxes: $4.147 million
Cooling reservoir: 1,350-acre Welsh Lake
Named For: J. Robert Welsh, SWEPCO President, 1954-1966, and Board Chairman, 1966-1971