Outage Map Help

SWEPCO's outage map provides near-real-time information about power outages affecting our customers.

Quick Overview

  • About every 15 minutes, the outage map updates to provide you with the most detailed, up-to-date outage information available – including total customer outages and estimated times of restoration.
  • You can search for an address, zoom in or out, or bookmark a view so you can see your outage details, including estimated time of restoration, number of customers affected by your outage, and outage cause when available.
  • If your power is out, you can report your outage, or sign in to get alerts about your outage status.
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Outage Map FAQs

How often is the outage map updated?

The outage map is updated with the latest information every 15 minutes. The timestamp for the most recent update is in the left navigation panel.

Where can I see the outage numbers, legend, and navigation tabs?

Click or tap the Access Menu icon in the top left of the outage map to open the navigation panel.

What is an "Outage Case" compared to "Total Customer Outages" in the navigation menu?

An outage case is an active power outage within SWEPCO's service area. Total customer outages refers to the number of households and businesses affected by those outages for SWEPCO.

How do I find my outage?

You can find your outage 2 different ways:

  1. Search for your address.
  2. Pan the map and zoom in on your location

You can use the Bookmarks tab to save locations for quick access later.

What do all of the different colored icons on the map mean?

These are the outage icons, which are presented in color coded ranges indicating the number of customers affected by each outage. At higher zoom levels, outages may be bundled into a multi-colored “multiple outage” icon. As you zoom in, bundled outages will usually separate into individual outage cases.

Why am I getting the error message "Address is outside the valid area"?

This can happen if Google maps can't recognize how you entered your address. If this happens, try entering your full address, state, and ZIP code. Also if you search for an address that is not in our service territory, you may see that error.

My power is out but I don't see an outage symbol over my home. Where is my outage?

The outage icon may not appear directly over your address. One outage event may affect multiple homes or businesses, and the map places the outage symbol near the center of the outage event. If you zoom out a little, or pan the map, you may see an outage icon near your address.

Other reasons are:

  • Your outage may not yet be reported. You can report an outage here or on the map.
  • Your power may be out and reported, but because we update the map every 15 minutes, it may not have had time to appear on the map yet.
If my power is out, how can I report my outage and get outage status alerts?

Above the map (in full screens) or in the left navigation panel (in small screens), you can use the Report Outage, Get Status, and Get Alerts buttons. You can also get status information by simply clicking or tapping on your outage icon.

When I tap or click on a specific outage, an estimated restoration time is listed in the outage summary panel. What is this? How often is it updated?

The estimated restoration time is when we think power will be restored. The estimate may change based on a number of factors, such as evaluation of damage from an onsite crew, changing weather conditions, additional problems that occur, or any specialty crews or equipment needed for repairs once the damage is assessed. If the restoration time changes, it will be updated on the outage map. You can also sign up for outage alerts to get updated information specific to your outage.

Why can't I zoom into my location?

For the safety of our customers, the maps will only zoom down to certain levels. We will not show specific homes and businesses without power.

Why aren't the multiple outage icons separating when I zoom in?

Some outages are so close to each other that the minimum zoom level does not allow them to form their own outage icons. You can toggle between each outage in the information panel to see the customers affected, estimated restoration time, etc.

How do I change the map to see county or ZIP Code borders?

In the Legend section, you can use the drop-down menu to view by location, county, or ZIP Code.

Where can I view a list of outages by county or ZIP Code?

If you navigate to the Table View tab, you'll have the option of viewing a summary of all outages in the service territory by county or by ZIP Code.

What browsers are supported?

We have implemented our outage maps knowing that you might be trying to access them from any kind of device – smart phone, desktop/laptop browser, tablet, smart TV, and more. With devices and browsers constantly changing, we strive to make the maps work on the most recent browsers and mobile operating systems. Yes, that means older browsers or older mobile operating systems may not be 100% perfect in how they display the information. In order to experience the best outage map, you may need to upgrade to the latest browser or mobile operating system.

Desktop Browsers Supported:

  • Google Chrome - latest version and previous version
  • Mozilla Firefox - latest version and previous version
  • Apple Safari - latest version and previous version on Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Note that Internet Explorer's "compatibility view" is not supported
  • Microsoft Edge - latest version

Mobile Browsers Supported:

  • Google Android - Current version of Chrome on Android 4.4+ and higher
  • Apple iOS - Mobile Safari on the current and previous major versions of iOS
  • Note that for mobile devices, the maps will always work best with the stock web browser installed on the device by the manufacturer. We can't guarantee that a third-party browser will work 100% correctly (e.g., Chrome on an iPhone).