Refrigeration Tips

  • Keep doors shut as much as possible to reduce temperature fluctuations. Install a plastic strip curtain over the entrance.
  • Check temperature settings. ENERGY STAR recommends settings between -14 degrees and -8 degrees Fahrenheit for freezers and between 35 degrees and 38 degrees Fahrenheit for refrigerators.
  • Clean cooling coils and keep them free of ice buildup.
  • Ensure your door seals are tight, your door latch is working properly and that your doors properly close. If you can easily slide a dollar bill into the seal, have it adjusted.
  • Use a door closer to automatically pull a walk-in door shut quickly after it’s opened.
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR commercial solid or glass door refrigerators and freezers.
  • Install lighting sensors in walk-in refrigerators. Install low temperature occupancy sensors or timed switches in walk-in coolers and freezers to control lighting.
  • Install evaporative condensers, instead of air-cooled condensers.
  • Install heat recovery systems to use heat removed from display cases to heat water.
  • Install pulldown blinds on open dairy and produce cases. During nonoperating hours, these blinds keep refrigerated air from escaping.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on refrigeration units.