Success Stories


I have to brag a little. I live in a 2200 sq ft house built in 1964. Have replaced windows and doors, added extra insulation to the attic and have a new HVAC system. My electric bill is averaged, last bill was $40!! My neighbors pay up to $200 or more during the summer.


Bill built an energy efficient home.

Bill spent about $20,000 extra in energy efficiency upgrades including extra insulation, ENERGY STAR appliances, ENERGY STAR lighting, etc. In return, his monthly utilities are just around $50/month! While it may take Bill several years to recoup his investment, he knows that he will live in the home long enough to see a positive rate of return. And he feels confident that he did the right thing for his family and for the environment.

For more information on building a green home, visit the National Association of Home Builders, the US Green Building Council or the Energy and Environmental Building Association.


Paul installed weatherstripping around his front door, installed a programmable thermostat and high efficiency furnace and replaced shower heads with low flow, energy efficient shower heads.

Our old furnace was about 35 years old, and it was costing us a lot of money to use, so we decided it was time to replace it. It was worth it to us to spend a little more on a high efficiency furnace since the energy savings would pay for it over time. We installed the weatherstripping just to get rid of the drafts we felt around the front door. It's made us more comfortable and it's saving energy.


Rita installed an energy efficient furnace and heat pump, a programmable thermostat and bought ENERGY STAR appliances.

I'm saving around $100/month on my utilities (electric and gas) thanks to my new furnace, heat pump and programmable thermostat. It's great to know that I'm not wasting energy by having the house heating or cooling when no one's home.

It made sense to add ENERGY STAR appliances when I remodeled. They look great and they're environmentally friendly.


Bonnie Jo is saving about $20-$30/month after replacing her washer/dryer with ENERGY STAR appliances and having her heat pump serviced every year.


Diane installed several ceiling fans to help circulate air warmed by the furnace in the winter and help cool the air in the summer.

With these three new ceiling fans, I'm now able to set the AC (air conditioning) temperature up to 80 in the summer and still feel cool in the kitchen and dining rooms. My family doesn't seem to notice the difference in temperature, but I've noticed a cost savings on our electric bill. In about 3 years, the fans will have paid for themselves.


Terri purchased ENERGY STAR Appliances.

My appliances were old and I wanted more updated and modern ones. I was definitely motivated by the cost savings. I've saved around $170 so far.


Jennifer reduced her electricity consumption by 60%!

The first step was turning off our computers at night and unplugging any appliances that we weren't using. We saw significant savings with those steps.

After seeing the governor's mansion had solar panels, I looked into adding those to our home. They provide about 1/3 of the power to our home. We'll never completely power our home with the panels, but I'm glad we did it.

We're a lot more aware now of our electric usage than we were 4 or 5 years ago. I'm so glad that we could save money while helping the environment.

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