Terms & Conditions - AutoPay


AEP reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time upon notification to me and any such amendments shall be effective immediately.

By enrolling in AutoPay, I

  • authorize AEP to electronically withdraw from the bank account entered on this application,
  • warrant that I am the primary account holder or have authorization to withdraw as an authorized user from the bank account entered on this application,
  • acknowledge that these withdrawals will take place monthly, and
  • I agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


I represent, warrant and certify that my usage of AutoPay shall not in any way, directly or indirectly violate any of these Terms and Conditions of use. When required by applicable law, violations will be reported to federal, state, local or foreign authorities. I acknowledge that all the information provided by me is accurate and complete and it can be subjected for further validations. I am responsible to AEP for any costs that result from inaccuracy of information that I provide.


With the authorization I am providing to AEP, the financial institution account I have designated will be debited (via the Automated Clearing House ("ACH") electronic payment system). My agreement with my financial institution governs the use of my bank account, and I must refer to that agreement to ascertain my rights and liabilities as an account holder.


Timing of Payments: Monthly withdrawals will be debited from my financial institution on the due date specified in my monthly billing statement.

Fees: There are no fees associated with using AEP AutoPay.

NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), Returned/Rejected Payments: I agree that if there are insufficient funds in my bank account to cover a requested payment, or if my financial institution rejects a debit for any reason, the payment will be cancelled and I am responsible to make alternate arrangements to pay my AEP bill. If this occurs, I may be liable for late fees, a returned check fee and any other charges from AEP, to the extent permitted by law. I may also be liable for any fees charged by the financial institution where I have my bank account.

Dispute: I agree AutoPay service will be suspended until the dispute is resolved.


While I am enrolling into AutoPay, I understand that my AutoPay activation depends on the approval from my financial institution. If rejected, I understand that my AutoPay will not be activated and I am responsible to make my monthly bill payments. However, my enrollment into notification preferences will continue and I will receive notifications pertaining to my bills and payments.

I understand that while I am on AutoPay, if for any reason the account becomes ineligible (including, but not limited to: getting more than 1 returned/rejected payment in last twelve months, when electric account becomes inactive) AEP can cancel my AutoPay service and I am responsible to pay all remaining or future balances before the applicable due date.

Cancellations of my payments and/or AEP AutoPay enrollment may be cancelled by online or contacting one of AEP's Customer Operations Centers at least 4 Business Days before the Payment is scheduled to be withdrawn.

  • AEP Ohio - 1-800-672-2231
  • Appalachian Power - 1-800-982-4237
  • Indiana Michigan Power - 1-800-311-4634
  • Kentucky Power - 1-800-572-1113
  • Public Service Company of Oklahoma - 1-888-216-3523
  • Southwestern Electric Power Company - 1-888-216-3523
  • National Accounts - 1-888-710-4237


I understand that I may update my AutoPay information with sufficient notice of at least 8 business days online or 4 business days prior to a scheduled withdrawal, by contacting AEP's Customer Operations Center.

  • Bank Account Information
  • Place AutoPay on hold
  • Cancel scheduled withdrawal
  • Request unscheduled withdrawal


I understand by enrolling into AutoPay service, I am also subscribed to AEP's Billing and Payment Alerts Service. I agree to receive all notifications relating to the service in electronic form delivered by email to the email address listed for my account, or to my mobile phone or device as an SMS message per my Communication Preferences. It is my sole responsibility to ensure that the email address and mobile phone number listed for my account are current and accurate.

AEP allows me to update my communication preferences on the following:


Information, Protection and handling my personal information is subject to the applicable Privacy Policy set forth below: