Meter Reading Schedule

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Learn How to Read Your Meter (PDF) and calculate your energy usage.

How We Track Electricity Usage

About once a month, Southwestern Electric Power Company reads your meter to track your electricity usage and calculate your bill amount. If we're unable to read your meter, perhaps due to bad weather, a meter that's locked inside, or an angry pet, we estimate that month's usage based on seasonal data and your usage history. We then readjust your bill amount at the next actual reading. Learn how to provide clear access to your meter.

Track Your Usage by Reading Your Meter

You, too, can track your energy usage throughout the month. The fact sheet How to Read Your Meter (PDF) tells you how to read your meter and calculate the number of kilowatt hours you've used over a period of time.

Your Meter Reading Schedule

To know your next meter read date, you can refer to your bill to determine your annual meter schedule, or login to your account and view your meter reading schedule for the year.

Note: Your meter may be read 1 business day before or 1-2 business days after the date listed.