Installing Generating Equipment

Electric Generating Equipment Considerations

Considering the installation of electric generating equipment? Southwestern Electric Power Company is ready to work with you on the safe and reliable interconnection of your electric generating equipment with the Southwestern Electric Power Company system.

Off-the-shelf portable generators, often used for backup or emergency power, should not be connected to your internal wiring without proper isolation from Southwestern Electric Power Company network.

However, if you are considering the installation of permanent electric generating equipment (such as a solar or wind generating system), which will be used often and connected to your internal wiring, we can help by reviewing your plans. Following the proper interconnection procedures is important for your safety and for the reliable operation of the Southwestern Electric Power Company system and your installation.

For more specific information contact our Distributed Generation Coordinator Coordinators at:


Stephen V. Brocato CEM, CDSM, CGP
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Scott Hampton
Customer Service Account Representative
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