Neighbor To Neighbor Fund

Help Arkansas, Louisiana And Texas Customers In Need

Just a few extra dollars a month can help a neighbor in need. Neighbor To Neighbor is a year-round emergency relief fund available to AEP SWEPCO customers throughout Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. The fund can help pay electric bills for low-income customers who qualify for assistance.

To contribute
The Neighbor To Neighbor Program is administered by the Dollar Energy Fund for Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. It's easy to contribute online or by mail. One hundread percent of the funds are used to assist your neighbors in need.

Make a Donation Now

Donate by Mail:
Customers who wish to send a check should make their checks payable to "SWEPCO, Neighbor To Neighbor Program" and send them to SWEPCO at the address below. If you already pay your bill by mail, you can write one check and add the contribution amount to your check. Contributions are tax deductible, and those making donations will receive a receipt.

SWEPCO customers use this mailing address:
Southwestern Electric Power Company
PO BOX 371496
PITTSBURGH, PA 15250-7496

For assistance
The eligibility of recipients is determined and funds are distributed by the Dollar Energy Fund. To find out what agency to contact in your area, contact the SWEPCO Customer Solutions Center in Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas at 888-216-3523, or in the North Texas Panhandle at 800-723-7430, or the Dollar Energy Fund. All funds contributed to the program go directly to help those in need, with administrative costs borne by SWEPCO.