Educational Activities

Perhaps no other facet of community life presents both the challenges and the limitless possibilities found in the education of young people. Southwestern Electric Power Company is proud to be a partner in education, particularly in grades pre-K to 12. Through workshops, initiatives and educational resources, we strive to make a difference in the lives and the learning of teachers, students and customers within the Southwestern Electric Power Company service territory.

Online Education: Learn more about how energy works:

  • Kids Korner
    Energy information for kids, including safety, energy efficiency, and how electricity is made, along with fun games and experiments that make energy come alive. Includes lesson plans for teachers.

  • Electric Universe
    Join Louie the Lightning Bug and friends for games, engaging activities, and information about electricity and how to use it safely and wisely. Includes lesson plans for teachers.

  • Fundamentals of Electricity
    Older kids and adults can learn about the electric system, the science of electricity, and advanced information about electrical safety.

  • The Anatomy of an Electric System
    Learn how electricity works and important safety measures.

  • SWEPCO's electric system and outage restoration process
    Check out a diagram of how the SWEPCO electric system works and how power is restored when outages occur.