AEP Texas working around the clock to repair Laredo underground network

Electric crews have been working around the clock to restore service to the remaining 38 electric customers in downtown Laredo who lost service due to an underground electric network outage.

Ben Hinojosa, Laredo manager of Distribution Systems, said crews are currently pulling electric cable and cleaning out electrical ducts. Due to the extent of the damage, he said it is still too early to say when all customers can be placed back in service.

“Right now, our strategy will be to keep in close contact with impacted customers and give them periodic updates,” Hinojosa said. “We anticipate placing customers back in service in stages as work progresses but won’t have a more specific timeframe until more repairs are made.”

Underground network crews from Columbus, Ohio, and contract crews have been brought in to help with the restoration efforts, which will continue around the clock.

Customers are asked to not use a generator until AEP Texas isolates its electric system. Portable generators can “back feed” electricity up the line and risk the lives of repair workers and the public.





Tony Arce
Community Affairs Manager