Putting wind energy to work for SWEPCO customers

Wind is an amazing source of renewable energy. Some of the best wind resources in the country are readily available to serve SWEPCO customers.

Adding 810 megawatts of wind energy from Oklahoma is part of SWEPCO’s long-range plan to have of more than one-third of energy needed for customers generated by wind and solar.

“SWEPCO’s current wind proposal will save customers money and further diversify our energy resource mix,” said Brian Bond, SWEPCO vice president of External Affairs. “It will make our communities more attractive for community development because many international and domestic companies consider renewable energy when deciding where to locate or expand. We understand that many customers have their own sustainability and renewable energy goals.”

Regulators in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas are currently reviewing SWEPCO’s proposal. Oklahoma regulators are reviewing a companion proposal by SWEPCO’s sister company, Public Service Company of Oklahoma. Together the companies are proposing to purchase three new wind facilities in Oklahoma that are located close to the PSO/SWEPCO transmission system.

All of the participants in the Arkansas proceeding have reached a settlement agreement recommending approval of the projects. PSO also has a settlement agreement recommending approval.

“We're pleased that the parties in the Arkansas proceeding have carefully reviewed the proposal and reached an agreement that moves us a significant step closer to providing more clean, low-cost energy to Arkansas customers,” Bond said. “We continue to make progress in Louisiana and Texas as we work with the parties to demonstrate the guarantees and customer benefits of our wind proposal.”

The proposal is scalable to align with regulatory approvals by state, subject to commercial limitations. States that approve the project would have the ability to increase the number of megawatts allocated to them should another state or states reject the proposal.

“Our long-range plan moves SWEPCO toward a cleaner energy future,” Bond said. “Along with the environmental benefits, this additional wind energy will save customers money for years to come, helping families, businesses and the local economy.”

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Projects located close to PSO/SWEPCO transmission system