Report Power Theft

Electricity Theft – Dangerous and Illegal

Stealing electricity is a serious safety concern for the public, for utility company employees and for government agencies. It is illegal. It raises the cost of electricity for all customers. And, it can lead to serious injury or death from electrical shock, fires and explosions.

Facts About Energy Theft

Electricity theft includes diverting electric current and tampering with electric meters, which measure a customer’s electrical usage. Here’s what you should know:

  • Anyone trying to cause a meter to stop, under-register or be bypassed is stealing electricity.
  • Our meters are capable of reporting meter-tampering to the utility.
  • Southwestern Electric Power Company employees are trained on how to monitor and identify all signs (and types) of meter tampering.
  • We receive and investigate tips we receive from the public on possible electricity theft.

Reporting Theft

You can report electricity theft:

  • By Completing the form below
  • By calling Customer Service 888-216-3523 (available 24/7)

Your Information

Suspected Theft Information

Please provide us with enough information to help us investigate the suspected theft. At a minimum, we need (1) the street address or directions to the location and (2) the zip code.

Apt, suite, building, unit, etc.