The Electric Car Tools You Need

More electric cars are introduced each year, so you will have many models to select from along with options for features, driving range and purchase price. To help you choose, here’s additional information about what’s it like to own and drive an electric car.

  • Learn more about electric cars.
  • Find public charging stations such as those operated by Chargeway and PlugShare.
  • Experience virtual electric vehicle test drives by watching the Electric Vehicles Playlist on SWEPCO’s YouTube channel.
  • Hear from electric vehicle owners in this recording of the 9/29 Virtual National Drive Electric Week Event. Click here to access the recording; the password is gSsGhni7.
  • There are about 46 electric vehicle models available new today. Check out this Consumer Guide to Electric Vehicles to learn about electric car availability and more.
  • Which electric car is right for you? Easily compare models based on fuel efficiency, available federal and state tax credits for electric cars, and total cost of ownership.
  • The federal government, many states and municipalities, and electric car manufacturers and dealerships often offer tax credits, subsidies, incentives and rebates for buyers of electric cars and companies that offer public charging stations. Contact SWEPCO for current offers and incentives in your area. You also can search for rebates by state at AFDC.
  • Calculate fuel savings based on where you live and how you drive.
  • Learn about the electric car driving experience.
  • For more information on fleet and workplace charging, visit the Energy Conversion Hub.