Heat Pumps

Save energy – and money – in perfect comfort, year round.

Heat pumps and hybrid water heaters are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today. Heating and cooling your home account for more than 50 percent of the average SWEPCO bill. Heat pumps can cut your total energy cost by 30 percent — or more.

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Hybrid Water Heaters 101

Here’s how:

  • Heat pumps keep air moving. Instead of generating heat, heat pumps transfer it from one place to another. In summer, they pull heat out of your home and transfer it outside, like an air conditioner. In winter, they pull heat from the outside air and transfer it inside your home. Yes, even cold air holds a lot of heat.
  • Heat pumps use less electricity, saving you money. Using electricity to transfer heat rather than generate it saves a lot of energy. Heat pumps not only provide space conditioning, but can also save you up to 70 percent. You can get hot water at a fraction of the cost. Hybrid water heaters are two to three times as energy efficient as power-hungry water heaters.
  • Heat pumps are energy efficient, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Instead of large central air conditioner units and furnaces, a heat pump consists of a compact outdoor condenser unit doing the heating and cooling and indoor units on the walls transferring the hot or cool air inside. Requiring far less energy, they reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is good for our environment.
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Heat Pumps 101

And it’s not just the heat, it’s also the humidity. High-efficiency heat pumps dehumidify air better than air conditioners, for more cooling comfort in summer months.

Look for the ENERGY STAR® Label

Air-source heat pumps are rated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2019. Specifically, ENERGY STAR-certified heat pumps have higher ratings for seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), energy efficiency ratio (EER), and heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF). They also use about 5% percent less energy than conventional new models.

ENERGY STAR-certified hybrid water heaters can save a household of 4 approximately $350 per year on its electric bills compared to a standard electric water heater and up to $3,750 over the water heater’s lifetime. Larger families — that typically use more hot water — will save even more!